With all nine Queensland animal care centres full, the RSPCA is launching its biggest ever adoption drive this week.

For the first time a thirty second commercial will air on television and in cinemas for one month. The commercial tells the true story of a man who decides to purchase his new pet from an RSPCA care centre and highlights the positive impact the dog has had on his life.

“This isn’t spin, this is fact and every year thousands of people find their new companions at the RSPCA,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “We truly do believe that RSPCA animals make the best pets. All adult dogs have passed a behavioural test and all our animals are desexed and microchipped.”

“Over 30,000 RSPCA animals have been adopted into Queensland homes since 2011. So in many ways the My RSPCA Pet campaign is a real celebration of the great stories of Queenslanders and their RSPCA pets.”

RSPCA pet owners are being urged to share their stories via social media by using the #myrspcapet hash tag or by going to www.myrspcapet.com.au website.By doing so they’ll get a chance to win one of ten Fujifilm instant cameras that are up for grabs. All they need to do is take a photo or a video of them with their RSPCA pet and answer three questions.

1. Where did you get your RSPCA pet?

2. Why did you choose that particular animal?

3. Why should other people get a pet from the RSPCA?

For potential pet owners there will also be a major incentive to get involved. If they visit the www.myrspcapet.com.au website and register an expression of interest they will go into a draw to win a holiday to New Zealand!

“There will be lots of stories from RSPCA pet owners for them to read and we believe this will give them an understanding of how the lives of both the animal and the owner have changed for the better,” continued Mr Beatty. “To be honest this adoption drive is a major undertaking for us but if we can find good homes for our wonderful animals it will have been worthwhile”

Mr Beatty also indicated that the RSPCA had another adoption initiative up its sleeve.

“It’s a surprise but we’re hoping to launch that before Christmas.”