Glenn John WILSON was found guilty on 18 December 2019 in relation to supplying a Pit Bull Terrier type dog, “Pretty Girl” for organised dog fighting. He was also convicted in relation to two charges of failing to provide appropriate living conditions, and one charge of failing to provide appropriate treatment. These charges related to three further Pit Bull type dogs named Chico, Jesus and Naughty. 

The convictions followed a three day trial in Toowoomba Magistrates Court in July 2019 that featured compelling evidence by Janette Reevers, an expert on organised dog fighting from the USA. 

Today (July 17 2020) Magistrate Graham Lee sentenced WILSON to 6 months imprisonment to serve 3 months. A parole release date is set for 16th October 2020. 

WILSON was ordered to pay legal costs, witness costs and animal care costs totalling $60,000.  A Prohibition Order was made prohibiting WILSON from owning any dog fighting breeds for life, unless approved by the Chief Inspector of RSPCA Queensland. Ownership of the dogs subject of the charges have now been transferred to RSPCA Queensland. 

The Magistrate found that WILSON had “no remorse” and “no insight”

This case has been a huge win in the fight against animal cruelty.

“The successful outcome in this matter has been the result of persistence, determination and hard work by RSPCA Inspectors and prosecutors. This outcome would not have been possible without teamwork, careful methodical investigative techniques and the hard work and expertise of the prosecutions team. We are grateful to barrister Kate Gover for her excellent work in ensuring that each piece of circumstantial evidence was extracted and placed before the court to establish a beyond reasonable doubt case.” Tracey Jackson, RSPCA Qld Solicitor – Prosecutions and Privacy Officer.

The RSPCA team have been resolute in holding WILSON to account for his abhorrent acts that included organised fighting of dogs as a form of entertainment. 

The seized dogs Naughty, Chico, Jesus, Pretty Girl, and Beatle (Beat All) have been in RSPCA care for almost two years, 714 days to be exact, as WILSON refused to surrender them. This has resulted in significant cost to the RSPCA and the inability for these dogs to be rehomed. Not to mention the emotional bonds that the RSPCA team have formed with these dogs. Sadly, many of the dogs continue to suffer from ongoing physical and emotional ailments due to their history.

In August 2018, RSPCA Inspectors executed a warrant at a Kingsthorpe property. Five dogs belonging to WILSON were seized. Inspectors also located items related to organised dog fighting. These included a treadmill with a leash attached and a break stick used to separate fighting dogs. 

A sixth Pit Bull type dog owned by WILSON, named BJ, was seized from another property months later but no charges related to that dog. 

Vets examined all seized dogs and some had scarring which experts told the court was consistent with organised dogfighting and inconsistent with accidental fights or pig hunting. The dogs Chico and Jesus were confined on thick collars and had heavy chains attached to axels embedded in the ground. The manner in which they were kept was also, according to expert evidence accepted by the court, consistent with the way organised dog-fighting dogs are kept.  

WILSON was prosecuted following protracted investigations into organised dogfighting by the RSPCA Inspectorate Taskforce, which culminated in warrants being executed at several properties around Queensland.

Several other people who were persons of interest in the same Taskforce investigation, and who were connected with WILSON, have been convicted in relation to organised dogfighting offences, including:

  • Bradd O’KEEFFE – convicted in Richmond Magistrates Court on 20 November 2019, and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, released on parole after 2 months. He was also ordered to pay $1,699.10 legal costs and prohibited from possessing dogs of dogfighting breeds for life.
  • Jarrad TRENEAR – convicted in Brisbane Magistrates Court on 3 July 2019, and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, released on parole after serving 1 month. He was also fined $800 in relation to other breach duty of care offences and ordered to pay a total of $8080.80 in vet and legal costs, and prohibited from possessing dogs of dogfighting breeds for life.
  • Joshua BASKERVILLE – convicted in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on 8 March 2019, in relation to duty of care charges as well, and sentenced to probation for 3 years (the maximum period possible), and ordered to pay $3,419.48 in vet and legal costs, and prohibited from possessing dogs of dogfighting breeds for life. In this case, the Magistrate made it clear that the only reason BASKERVILLE was not sentenced to a period of actual imprisonment was due to tragic circumstances and significant health issues in his personal life.