RSPCA received a report about two dogs left in a car at Wet ‘n Wild on Wednesday 11th January. The temperature outside was 28 degrees.

The RSPCA is reminding pet owners not to leave pets in unattended vehicles and risking their lives.

Inspector Ben Newman says, “These dogs were very lucky to survive. The car was like an oven. If not found in time, they wouldn’t be alive.”

Records show the dogs had been left in the car since the morning and were able to be rescued at 3pm and taken to nearby vets for assessment.

While this rescue was underway, Police received a report of a dog left in a car at Sea World.

RSPCA hopes with more awareness people will realise the deadly risk pets face when left in vehicles and for people to leave their pets at home when heading to theme parks and shopping centres these school holidays.

Inspector Newman says, “We’re incredibly thankful to the members of the public for reporting these cases to us so we can help the dogs in time.”

If you see a pet in need of rescue, contact 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) and learn more on what to do if you find a pet in a hot car here.