Seven Greyhounds that were seized from a property in Coominya by RSPCA Inspectors will be transferred to the GAP facilities at Churchable.  

The dogs were seized after the RSPCA received complaints that dogs were being severely neglected on the property. They have been treated by RSPCA veterinarians at Wacol and have been wormed and vaccinated. The Inspectors seized 1 cat and 17 dogs and 10 of these were greyhounds.

 Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said - it was upsetting to see any animal neglected.

“Greyhounds are close to our hearts here at the QRIC Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) so it is particularly distressing when we receive greyhounds as a result of these circumstances.”

“The GAP team will do their very best to assess, care and hopefully regime them for a positive outcome.”

"All of us at the RSPCA are very grateful that GAP are willing to accommodate these greyhounds. They know the breed inside out and their assistance means we can focus on the remaining dogs from the property that are still in our care," said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

RSPCA Qld is once again urging people to research where their animals are going. Find out what to think about when looking into animal rescue groups.

"Just because someone claims to rescue animals doesn’t always mean they are treating animals properly. Sadly we are seeing situations where people claim to be running a rescue group, yet they are not capable or willing to ensure the animals needs are being catered for. We're seeing these situations far, far too often."

 We sincerely hope we can continue working with GAP in the future.