With temperatures forecast in the high 30s for Queensland this week, do you know how to keep your pets cool?

Watch out for symptoms of overheating and changes in your pet's behaviour; panting, searching for shade, excessive salivation, enlarged tongue and even trembling are all heat stress symptoms. Learn more about the risks with leaving pets in cars during the Summer season.

Our tips on how to keep your animal cool will give you some great ideas on how to keep you pet comfortable during the hottest times of the year.

- Make sure your animal has access to fresh, clean water at all times of day.

- Try dampening your pets bedding/ mat with water to create a cool resting spot.

- Freeze treats to keep your pet occupied and cool (this also works for Fish!).

- Wall and exercise is still important for your furry friend but try to go during the coolest part of the day such as sunrise or sunset.

Don't wait for an emergency, learn how to care for your cat or dog and get your free RSPCA Pet First Aid Guide today.