Right now, over 10 million Aussie hens are suffering in barren battery cages. It’s arguably the worst animal welfare issue in Australia - now is the time to help us take action!

But what if we told you that 2021 can finally be the year that changes? Nationally-consistent standards and guidelines are under review. They have been for over six years and over 167,000 of you voiced your concern about the welfare of hens confined to barren battery cages.

Stretching. Flapping her wings. Perching. Laying her eggs in a nesting area.  These are all basic things that a hen needs to have a good life. But tragically, they’re also things that around 10 million smart, social Australian layer hens still can’t do in barren battery cages.

You can help us by taking action today. We need state and territory governments, and all members of Parliament, to know this is an issue you care about.

Be the voice for these hens and help end the battery cage - take action