Christopher SAMMONS suffocated his dog and left him to rot. It’s hard to comprehend how someone could be so vile towards a living creature and still claim to ‘love animals’.

SAMMONS was today found guilty of 1 charge of animal cruelty and 1 charge of failing to provide treatment for his 1 year old red cattle dog, Freckles.

Magistrate Browne said when sentencing the defendant to imprisonment, that the penalty reflected general deterrence and public denouncement of Sammons’ conduct.

Freckles was suffering from injuries sustained a few weeks prior to his death, which SAMMONS claimed were inflicted by a horse. The witness stated Freckles was dragging his legs, unable to walk, and crawling on his front legs in obvious distress.

Rather than seeking veterinary treatment, SAMMONS took his dog out to the bush and suffocated him with a plastic bag, returning to tell the witness he had taken Freckles for ‘his last car ride’. It’s unimaginable the pain and suffering Freckles would have endured for weeks and then to have this terrible end.

When our Inspector found Freckles’ skeletal remains discarded in the bush, Freckles still had a large galvanised chain and stainless steel D-shackle collar attached around his neck.

Magistrate Terence Browne heard the matter at Cairns Magistrate Court on November 9, 2020. SAMMONS appeared via video link from jail in Townsville.

SAMMONS pleaded guilty to both charges, one of failure to treat Freckle’s injuries and one cruelty charge related to the suffocation of Freckles with a plastic bag.

Magistrate Browne said the Statement of Facts was disturbing to read and the only way to describe the conduct was cruel. He also took into account SAMMONS’ extensive criminal history. In addition to sentencing Sammons to an actual term of imprisonment for his offending, Magistrate Browne ordered that Sammons be prohibited from owning animals for life.

Magistrate Browne sentenced SAMMONS to:

  • Six months imprisonment for charge 1 (failure to treat).
  • Twelve months imprisonment for charge 2 (Cruelty).
  • Imprisonment to be served concurrently and eligible for parole after 4 months.
  • A lifetime prohibition order.
  • Court costs of $101.80.
  • Legal professional costs $1,200.

If you witness animal cruelty, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL.