As we all know dogs make great family pets and of course children love their pets. However for safety reasons, children need constant, close supervision when near dogs to prevent dog bites and other injuries. With this in mind, RSPCA Qld and the Townsville City Council will be presenting a special FREE seminar Kids and Dogs at the Reid Park Pitt Complex nest Thursday 13th August from 7pm to 9pm.

“The purpose of this seminar is to give free education to the community about how to reduce risks to both the animal and the child and consequently reduce the animals coming into our care.” said Townsville’s RSPCA Qld Manager Anja Letz.”

“Dog bites often happen in or around the home and often it’s the family dog or a friend’s dog that bites. You can reduce the risk of dog bites and other injuries by closely supervising children and dogs and teaching your children to be gentle around dogs. This seminar will give you some valuable tips and will ensure your pet remains a valued family member. ”

When: 7pm-9pm Thursday 13th August

Where: Red Park Pitt Complex