The impact of the recent bushfires has become clearer as rescue crews have been able to gain access to the affected areas. A further 11 koalas have come into RSPCA care over the weekend.

“Sadly not all of them make it through,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “Some are already suffering from other issues and the fire and smoke exacerbate those. It’s very sad as in some areas the scale of the casualties will never be known because of the intensity and speed of the fires.”

Since the fires began, 43 animals, 29 of them koalas, have come into the RSPCA because of the fires. The Wildlife Hospital is already “under siege” because of the trauma season and the fires have merely escalated an already busy period.

“This is always our busiest time of year. It’s the mating and birthing season and more animals are on the move, which means we’re seeing more being hit by cars and attacked by dogs. Babies end up orphaned and they have to be examined at the hospital before going into care.”

With survivors continuing to be found at Toowoomba, Jimna and Mt Barney, more animals are expected in the coming days. The RSPCA’s Eumundi centre will be affected and it’s likely that Currumbin and Australia Zoo can also expect more fire victims as well.