RSPCA Qld is holding a massive ‘Lap Warmers and Long Termers’ sale this weekend on all long-term dogs and adult cats.

Between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th July, cats over 4 months are only $50 to adopt, and all dogs that have been in care for over 99 days are just $99!

“There are currently 891 animals available to adopt across the state and we hope to rehome 250 of them during this promotion,” said RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty.

“We are hoping to free some space in our wings for the many more cats and dogs in waiting.”

If you’re feeling a little chilly this winter, find the perfect companion to warm up your home (and lap!) at one of our shelters.

To see pets available to adopt click here or contact your nearest RSPCA Qld Shelter.