With 30 puppies currently up for adoption across Queensland at RSPCA shelters, now is the paw-fect time to adopt.

 “We have an unusually large number of puppies up for adoption this time of year,” says RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

The RSPCA is encouraging anyone looking to get a puppy to consider adopting first.

“The great thing about adopting is you’re not only saving a pet’s live, some pet costs are also covered for you.”

Potential pet owners can head to the RSPCA website to see all the puppies looking for new homes and apply to adopt online. There are currently puppies available at their Brisbane, Bundaberg, Kingaroy, Mackay, Noosa and Toowoomba locations.

But a word of consideration from the RSPCA:

“Puppies do need training and socialisation early to set them up to be the best dogs they can be. Dogs can live for over 15 years, so you really need to be able to offer a pet a life-long commitment before jumping in.”

Adopting a pet rather than purchasing one can also save some initial costs for future pet owners.

All RSPCA puppies up for adoption are:

  • Desexed
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Worm & Flea Treated

All puppies adopted from the RSPCA also receive a free bag of Royal Canin pet food.

Brisbane puppy adoptions also include a course of School for Pets training.

For more tips about adopting and what to consider before getting a puppy, visit the RSPCA’s Smart Puppy Buyers Guide.