Cats across the country will band together in revolt this month, standing up to their owners and fighting for their right to poo in peace, via a global Facebook campaign launched by Dutch born kitty litter company, Poopy Cat.

Starting with a global Facebook competition whereby fans can enter their kitty to be crowned Australia’s ultimate ‘poopy face’, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the cat-ass-trophy that is being witnessed while doing your business, and give Australian cats their class and dignity back.

Poopy Cat founder, Thomas Vles said it was seeing the countless disgraced faces of constipated kitties across Europe that prompted him to facilitate this online petition on the Poopy Cat Facebook page followed by thousands of cats worldwide.

“For centuries cats in Australia have been enduring the constant scrutiny over their poopy faces with no option than having to get on with their business in full view of their human counterparts. They have had enough. They are demanding their rights and we wanted to give them a platform to share their anguish and make a bid for pooping in peace”. 

“The competition will be an expose of the thousands of humiliated poopy faces endured by cats every day,” Vles said.

The feline uprise follows the launch this month of Poopy Cats’ disposable pop up litter box in Australia that will allow cats to poo in private. Made from 100 per cent recycled materials, the litter box is fully biodegradable helping cat owners to reduce their footprint on earth and in their house. Despite its eco-friendly nature however, the high performance materials are built to withstand even the most turbulent of toilet troubles.

“All cats should be allowed a private moment to release physically,” said Vles. “We wanted to create something that was sustainable but also convenient and fun. They pop up in just a few seconds and allow cats some peace and quiet to get down to business,” he said. 

Australia’s feline forces can enter the competition by getting their human counterparts to upload a picture of their best ‘poopy face’ on Facebook along with an explanation on what they think their kitty is thinking in ten words or less, using the hashtag #poopyface. The winning kitty crusader will not only gain its dignity back and become a major player in the fight against poopy privacy but it will also land a year’s supply of Poopy Cat litter boxes to shield its poopy face.

Poopy Cat is said to have been the cat-alyst for change all over Europe, instigating the uprise from Australian cats to bring the litter boxes Down Under.

To help raise awareness and spread a paw-sitive message among the Australian cat community, Poopy Cat will donate $1 to the RSPCA for every Australian entry into the competition.*

Amber Preiksa, spokesperson from RSPCA Queensland, said the Poopy Face campaign is a major step towards helping Australian cats regain their rights. 

“We’re delighted that this important plight is finally being answered. It’s an issue that we feel very strongly about, and hope as many cats as possible pledge their support so we can end the suffering. And we’ve never seen a campaign quite like this before!” Preiksa said. 

Entries for the competition are open from March 22nd until 8th April 2016. The winner will be announced on 12th April. 

The Poopy Cat Litter Box can be purchased online from or RSPCA World for Pets for an RRP of $49.

To join the revolution, connect with Poopy Cat on Facebook or online at   

* Poopy Cat will donate $1 to the RSPCA for every Australian entry into the competition up to the value of $1000.