During COVID-19 last year, the fundraiser was an absolute hit with the RSPCA Queensland Facebook page going into meltdown with hundreds of members of the public donating to have their pet photos drawn by volunteers. The fun-draiser certainly has many laughs!

This year the RSPCA is hoping to raise over $20,000 for animals currently in their care. 

RSPCA Spokesperson Michael Beatty says, “It costs over 25 dollars a day to provide just the essentials for one animal in our care. So for a 25 dollar donation, you can not only have your own pet’s photo drawn poorly for a bit of fun, but also help an animal in need for a day."

“Not every portrait is absolutely terrible either, there are a lot of laughs to be had, but some animal artists are in the mix that might produce a gem too. We’ve even got some RSPCA Ambassadors participating this year!”

To have your pet’s portrait drawn visit the RSPCA Queensland Facebook page on Friday the 5th of March to donate and participate!