RSPCA Qld has discontinued charges against 41 year old Haris Ljuhar , the owner of a Glenarbon property, Mr Ljuhar became ill soon after he was charged and passed away recently. He was charged with a record 215 animal welfare related offences in 2017 after RSPCA Inspectors and Queensland police raided the property seizing 81 dogs and 10 cats.

A large number of dogs, mainly American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Australian and American Bulldogs and French Bulldogs were on the property which had inadequate shelter and water and a number of the dogs were carrying injuries that needed urgent veterinary treatment. There was one dog that was sharing a small space with a dog that had died and there were the remains of a number of corpses lying near dogs that were tethered.

The animals were forfeited to the RSPCA and almost all were rehomed. The case attracted national and international mainstream and social media attention.

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