Pet owners are being urged to make certain their pets have identification, with severe storms predicted to continue.

 “After every storm we end up with reports of lost – and found – and traumatised animals, many without any identification,” said Mr Beatty. “Some dogs in particular suffer from what we call storm or firework ‘phobia’.

“Often they will sense the storm coming long before humans can, and the noise of the thunder absolutely terrifies them.  They then try to escape from areas they normally wouldn’t think of leaving.”

The RSPCA Qld advises people to keep their animals in a safe and secure environment when leaving them home alone, as Queensland storms continue.

“If you know they suffer from storm phobia it’s ideally best to keep them inside. You can also leave a radio on as that will help as well.”

The RSPCA’s Senior Veterinarian Dr Anne Chester said animals are more likely to cope with a storm if they are left in an environment where they feel comfortable.

“They can become very distressed, and with severe winds predicted, people need to clear any loose objects from the animal’s immediate area,” said Dr Chester.

Owners of smaller pets are also being urged to use common sense when it comes to leaving their animals out during storms. Dr Chester said the RSPCA deals with cases of guinea pigs that have drowned after being kept in hutches in the back yard.

“It’s all common sense really, but sometimes common sense is sadly lacking,” she said.