Last week on the 2nd of November, RSPCA Queensland was called to assist Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the Department of Environment and Science (DES) at a Brisbane property where they had executed a warrant

RSPCA were advised that 110 native animals had been seized at the property after being found living in appalling conditions. 25 animals were located deceased.  

The seized wildlife were sick and required immediate veterinary treatment. 

The rescue of the animals required officers from QPS, QPWS and a large team of RSPCA Inspectors, wildlife staff, and several vehicles to transport the 85 remaining animals to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital at Wacol for veterinary assessment and treatment.  

RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon says, “It’s heartbreaking. The state of the animals and the living conditions that they were required to endure has left our team in a state of shock and disbelief.” 

Unfortunately, many of the animals rescued were in such poor condition that they had to be euthanised. 

“It’s weighed heavily on our team. We’re here to save our wildlife and so many of these patients were beyond saving. 

“The whole investigation has been emotionally taxing for the RSPCA team and we would like to commend QPS and DES for their hard work in this investigation so the animals involved could get the appropriate care they needed,” says Ms Lagoon.   

The case is currently under investigation with QPS and DES.