The biggest bake-off in the Southern Hemisphere is back - RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Once again it’s time to get those ovens ready and bake for a great cause. RSPCA Cupcake Day is officially held on Monday August 19, 2019, but celebrations right across Australia are already in full swing with social clubs, workplaces, schools and individuals baking to fight animal cruelty. 

You can register to host your own RSPCA Cupcake Day party here. It's free to sign up and all funds raised help RSPCA animals in need. How does your fundraising help? Not only are you helping get justice for pets like Luna the cat, funds raised also help ensure our veterinary team can continue to care for dogs like Freddie.

RSPCA Cupcake Day gathers bakers from across the nation to make a stand for animal welfare.  Anyone can participate or donate. Organise your own Cupcake Day wherever and whenever you like!  You get to decide how you want to celebrate Cupcake Day and help the animals who are suffering from neglect, mistreatment and abuse.

$20 raised can help provide an abandoned kitten a warm bed, litter tray and a meal tonight.

$55 raised can buy antibiotics for a sick shelter dog this week.

$150 raised will help desex an abandoned puppy, so they're ready to find their forever home.

$350 raised will keep an RSPCA Inspector on the road and fighting animal cruelty for another day. 

How much will you raise for animals in need?