• Battery cages cause suffering

Yesterday RSPCA Australia have stepped up its call to end the battery cage, with the launch of a prominent national billboard campaign. Join the campaign to #endthebatterycage, take a stand for more than 11 million hens still suffering in battery cages today! 

"The twelve billboards depicting the haunting black and white images of hens in a barren cage around Australia are a key part of kick-starting the conversation with both the egg industry and the public" 

"Earlier this year, we tried to meet with the edd industry leaders to discuss a planned and achievable phase-out of battery cages - but they wouldn't come to the table" Says RSPCA Australia's Communications and Campaigns Lead Jane Speechley. 

A scientific report prepared by RSPCA Australia examined the welfare of hens in different housing systems and concluded that the problems affecting hens in cage systems are caused by the cages themselves. 

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