• Sydney with Bonnie coming to Australia

Once again generous RSPCA donor Bonnie, is giving back to the RSPCA

This Saturday, 17th December and Sunday, 18th December any dogs adopted from Drake Drive, Sydney Street and Pippa Place at the Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus, will have their adoption fee matched by Bonnie as a donation! 

Adoption pens with Bonnie’s give back promotion will be marked.

Bonnie became involved with the RSPCA soon after a trip from the U.S where they were attending a Horse show and found Sydney (pictured) roaming around. 

No owner was able to be found and Sydney quickly became Bonnie’s best friend, mentor and protector. They transported Sydney to Australia to live with them.

When they arrived in Australia they located to the Sunshine Coast. While waiting for Sydney to come out of quarantine, Bonnie became involved with RSPCA Noosa. It was around the time of RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk. Bonnie decided this was a great event and that the RSPCA was a great cause and thus, she became an avid supporter.  

Soon after, Nicole, our Noosa shelter manager contacted Bonnie to say that she had the perfect dog for her! That is when she adopted Drake, a silly, loveable greyhound. Bonnie says that there is never a bad day when Drake is around. 

Then it was little Pippa’s turn to come into Bonnie’s world! She was adopted when Bonnie stopped by the Noosa shelter to drop off some toys she had purchased for the dogs in care. She saw Pippa, Pippa saw Bonnie and it was love at first sight! Pippa has never left Bonnie’s side since that day. 

Bonnie says that the dogs are her best friends and she loves them being part of her life.