• Slider upon arrival at RSPCA

  • Slider in RSPCA care

Tina Broom represented herself in Dalby Magistrates Court in January charged with failing to provide treatment to her dog Slider in mid-2019.

Slider was seriously injured by a quad bike and was left untreated for approximately 10 weeks, which resulted in paralysis in both of his hind legs.

On September 6 2019, the RSPCA was contacted by a veterinary clinic to advise that Slider was brought in by a member of the public, and was transferred to their care on September 7.

Broom told the court that just because she did not take Slider to the vet does not mean she did not love him, and that she has had animals her entire life.

The Magistrate noted monetary constraints was Broom’s reason for why she didn’t take him to the vet, but said people who own animals have a responsibility to look after them.

Broom pleaded guilty to failing to provide appropriate treatment for an injury resulting in paralysis of both hind limbs, noting that it did not include the failure to treat the lesions.

Broom was ordered to pay a $2000 fine - total costs of the case totalling $2949.15 – a 2 year prohibition order, to be stayed for two weeks until February 9.

Sadly in March 2020, Slider’s condition deteriorated to the point where unfortunately euthanasia was the only humane option to alleviate his suffering.