RSPCA Queensland proudly endorses the #FairGoForAnimals campaign, aimed at creating a fair and independent animal welfare governance system in Australia.

The #FairGoForAnimals campaign advocates for six systemic reforms to transform the way animals are treated in Australia. These reforms present clear solutions to fix the complex regulatory problems that exist within the current animal welfare governance system.

What Does #FairGoForAnimals Mean?

A 'Fair Go For Animals' means treating animals in a way that respects their sentience and protects their welfare. To achieve this, Australia must adopt a balanced, independent approach where the welfare of animals is given priority in legislation, policy, and practice. It's about ensuring that animals are recognised not just for their instrumental value but as sentient beings deserving of respect and protection.

What is wrong with our current governance system?

Have you ever wondered why it is still legal for lambs to have their tails cut off, pigs to be housed in small concrete stalls, or chickens to be kept in battery cages, despite most Australians saying it is cruel? It’s because Australia’s current animal welfare governance system is structurally flawed.

The system is fraught with conflicts of interest, primarily because the responsibility for animal welfare is often allocated to departments that are also tasked with promoting agricultural and industrial productivity. These competing responsibilities undermine the welfare of animals, as economic interests frequently overshadow welfare considerations. Animal protection laws have exemptions for industry standards, allowing cruel practices to continue.

The existing system also lacks consistency across states and territories, leading to standards and enforcement that fail to protect animals effectively. There is also a significant gap in accountability and transparency, with limited public involvement in shaping welfare policies or standards. These deficiencies reflect a system that is outdated and incapable of making animal welfare a priority.

#FairGoForAnimals proposes to fix the system with its six-point reform framework.

The campaign is aiming to achieve:

  1. Ministerial Recognition: Establishing dedicated Ministers for Animal Welfare at both state/territory and federal levels, to reduce conflicts of interests.
  2. National Animal Welfare Commission: Creating an independent body to make the system truly independent and create consistent national animal welfare standards.
  3. Animal Welfare Authorities: Setting up state-level authorities to ensure animal welfare laws are upheld rigorously and fairly.
  4. Decision-making Principles & Sentience Recognition: Integrating guiding principles in animal welfare legislation and recognising animal sentience to reflect modern understanding of animal needs and rights.
  5. Fair and Accountable Standards Development: Reforming the process to develop animal welfare standards to be transparent, science-based, and free from undue industry influence.
  6. Adequate Funding: Securing sufficient funding to support effective animal welfare services in line with community expectations.

How will these reforms help animals?

These reforms will provide a comprehensive framework that better protects animals from cruelty by ensuring their interests are a primary consideration in all related decisions. By setting higher standards, enforcing stricter regulations, and funding the necessary initiatives, Australia has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of billions of animals.

RSPCA Queensland endorses a #FairGoForAnimals because animals deserve better

RSPCA Queensland endorses the #FairGoForAnimals campaign because we believe in a just society where animal welfare is not an afterthought but a key aspect of our national values. Supporting this campaign aligns with our mission *insert mission* and ensures animals receive the respect and care they deserve.

Will you join us?

As an individual, you can also support the #FairGoForAnimals campaign! Your voice can drive change and help ensure a more compassionate, fair future for all Australian animals. Support the campaign to be part of this historic movement.