We’re taking urgent steps to help 80 adult cats in care find their Happy Home in time for the holidays.

“We are struggling to find homes for these cats in care due to an increased number of cats coming through our doors.” Shelter Manager, Anja Letz.

In an RSPCA Queensland first, 1300 Smiles has jumped on board to support the RSPCA and has subsidised adult cat adoption fees in Townsville from Saturday March 28 for a limited time! Now you can offer a home to a cat (over 4 months) for a limited time FEE FREE. The RSPCA adoption process will remain the same to ensure that these pets find their furever homes.

RSPCA Townsville will also have on the day RSPCA Foster Care applications available for those that would like to offer one or more of these felines a temporary home. Training will be supplied and an adult cat can be fostered on the day.

While there are 80 adult cats currently at the Townsville shelter there are also more waiting in the wings that the RSPCA just does not have the space to assist! By adopting or fostering an animal, you are also helping the other pets that come through our doors.

To adopt an animal visit our Townsville RSPCA Animal Care Centre - 69 Tompkins Rd, Bohle.


Why do so many pets need to find a home?
Our Townsville shelter struggles to find enough homes for animals its care and unfortunately, perhaps due to its transient population, has one of the highest number of animal surrenders in Queensland. A slower adoption uptake in the area also means it is continuously at capacity. We currently have pets waiting to come into our care but we do not have the space to accommodate them just yet.

Is this promotion across all RSPCA shelters?
Given the nature of the capacity issue in Townsville, our Happy Homes adoption promotion is only at our Townsville RSPCA shelter for adult cats (over 4 months) for a limited time.

Why are you giving them away for free? Isn’t that a bad idea? What is your adoption process?
We are at capacity at our Townsville RSPCA and cannot take in any more cats and need to find 80 loving homes the adult cats in our care so we can continue to save more lives.

All adult cat adoption fees at our Townsville RSPCA have been subsidised thanks to 1300 Smiles so we are now able to open up adopting an animal to a new audiences. Ones that may have been considering adopting but haven’t been able to in the past or ones that can still provide for a pet but can’t pay initial adoption fees.

The adoption process for our animals remains the same for all pet adoptions through the RSPCA. There is an interview process to ensure the cat is going to a suitable home. Our staff are trained to ask the right questions to ensure these cats find their furever home. Our team provide all the information that the pet owner will need (eg. vaccination, microchipping, diet, health and personality details). All adopters can contact our Townsville shelter directly post adoption for further information about their pet or our 24/7 call centre on 3426 9999. We also have a 14 day return period, so if for some reason that pet is not suited to that particular home, they can be returned to the RSPCA to be reassessed and rehomed.

Why can’t you do something other than offer the cats for free?
Our dedicated staff, volunteers and foster carers are going above and beyond to help these pets find a new, loving home and our subsidised adoption promotion is just one piece of the puzzle. We are developing local adoption promotions, expanding our foster network in the region and looking at transport options to help these pets find a loving home in other areas of Queensland as well. Because of the location of our Townsville shelter, logistically it is always a challenge to transport animals between Townsville and other RSPCA shelters. This is another reason Townsville is at capacity.

Can I foster a cat?
Yes. Those looking to provide a temporary home for a cat in need can visit our Townsville shelter and apply on the day to become an RSPCA Foster Carer. We will have applications and training on site. By becoming a foster carer you are helping to provide these cats a temporary, loving home outside of the shelter environment while they wait to be adopted. It also enables our Townsville centre to cater for more incoming animals.

What if these animals don’t get adopted?
The RSPCA is committed to saving lives and helping these pets in our care to find a loving home. If they aren’t adopted they will remain at our shelter until they find a new home, or go into a temporary foster care home. There is no time or age limit for our pets in care, however in order to help more pets waiting in the wings, the RSPCA is doing all it can to ensure these pets find a loving new home as soon as possible.

Can I make a donation to an animal and where does that money go?
Donations are greatly appreciated. All donations received directly help our animals in need. Your donation helps to cover costs such as desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, general health care and vet checks as well as supplies for our pets in care so they can have a comfortable stay in our care.