Today, RSPCA Queensland exclusively premiered the new video from cherished Brisbanites The John Steel Singers for their latest track 'Weekend Lover'. The band are supporting RSPCA Queensland and putting the call out for donations as part of their new release.

The 'Weekend Lover' video stars the band's beloved four-legged besties, Harvey (the Golden Cocker Spaniel), Arrow (the Dachshund) and a cat named Boots. It was filmed over a few weekends at the homes of Luke and Tim, in a few different parks and streets, and at a Gold Coast beach. 

Luke McDonald, the band's guitarist explains, "The concept developed from a Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis-style story about two dogs running away from home and becoming travel companions. Classic buddy road trip to the beach. Huckleberry Finn with dogs."

"It was a pretty tense set. The actors (Harvey and Arrow) where very demanding but sometimes you just have to deal with egos to get the performance you need. Our whole budget was spent on dog treats."

"The biggest challenge we had was getting the dogs running together. Arrows legs were just to small to keep up with Harvey. The magic of the camera was able to fix that! During one filming session Harvey decided to change course and head towards a muddy swamp. Arrow then had to follow him in. I ran down into the mud trying not to get the camera wet, slipped over and attempted to stop the dogs but it was too late, they were covered. Production was shut down for a day."

'Weekend Lover', with it's classy sax solo, whirly synths, off-beat guitar clicks and catchy as hell falsetto chorus was first spun by Dom Alessio on triple j's Home & Hosed. It's the only taste we are yet to sample from the band's long awaited third full-length Midnight At The Plutonium, due for release early in the new year via the band's own label Plutonium Records and Create Control. 
On the collaboration for the premiere with RSPCA, Luke said, "We really wanted to work with someone outside of the music world who does good things. And our dogs suggested we try something  with the RSPCA... they also suggested (insisted) on being the stars of the clip, along with taking 25% of songwriting royalties from our entire recording output... needless to say we agreed on their terms. The other actor that took part "Boots" (my cat) was unaware of the dogs demands and only received five cat treats for her time. Please donate”. 
The triple j Unearthed Award winners have been cutting their teeth on building a recording studio The Plutonium, which has now seen the likes of Cloud Control and Blank Realm through it's doors. But the album that quite literally has made the studio it’s home is Midnight At The Plutonium, the John Steel Singers’ forthcoming album. It’s a new direction in sound for the band who for the past 2 years have been exploring more 70’s funk & soul inspired records, melding them with their signature sonic personality to form a new post yacht hybrid.

See them live at the Kennedys Creek Festival in South West Victoria on October 24, and at The Triffid in Brisbane on November 6.