At RSPCA Qld, we depend on the help of our passionate and dedicated volunteers. Without the people who generously contribute their time, skills and energy to support our work we would not be able to achieve our mission of helping animals, enlightening people and changing lives.

RSPCA volunteers enjoy the fulfillment that comes from making a vital difference to the lives of animals. It is also a great way to gain experience, develop new skills, meet new people and get involved in the animal welfare cause.

Volunteering tasks and roles at RSPCA Qld are vast and varied.  Our position categories include laundry, administration, call centre, photography, creative writers, vet nurses, veterinarians, fundraising and events, desex clinic, op shops, retail shops, warehouse, education, finance, IT, animal enrichment, animal care assistance, animal transfer drivers, animal ambulance, volunteer programme support, wildlife, and campaigns.