“I love the idea of helping out animals in need! Because they can’t talk, doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate. In order to help these animals develop and grow, to find new homes and have a happy life.” Jason

“The chance to help and support the people who care for animals in need and work with likeminded volunteers.” Lorraine

“I love volunteering with Happy Paws and RSPCA because it takes the stress away from uni and work.  It makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful and I get to incorporate working with people AND animals into my life.” Cherese

“Cos’ this place makes me feel wanted & loved.” Kristie

“Lets you meet really good people and cuddling the animals is always a plus.” Chloe

“To meet new people and learn new skills.” Suzanne 

"An experience of a lifetime, knowing I have made a difference" My Lee

“This is always the highlight of my Monday! Best way to start off the week.” Charmaine

“In my role as an adoption volunteer, I love seeing & knowing first hand all the animals go to amazing loving new homes and lives!” Courtney

“The Animal Attendants are dedicated, the staff and vollies as a whole work as a team.  Animals have smiles on their face.” Barb

"Actively and personally impacting the lives of animals. Great work experience and an amazing opportunity to give back through such an epic organization." Tess

"Because I meet some pretty cool people and play with some wonderful animals." Karen

"I enjoy coming because I love the animals and am so fortunate to be able to participate in keeping them happy and loved." Agnes

"Because of my passion towards wildlife and working with amazing people. It brings me back to nature!" Nancy

"I love learning about animal behaviour and welfare, teaching others about animals, and working" Lorien