At RSPCA Qld we do everything we can to find homes for over 52,961 animals who walk through our doors each year. We understand that it’s not always possible for people to visit one of our shelters, which makes the work of our Community Outreach team particularly important. Our dedicated Community Outreach team continue to play an integral role in increasing the number of animals we rehome outside of the shelter environment through developing a series of programs within the community.

Pet Barn Adoption Program

Working closely with 42 Pet Barn adoption stores in Brisbane and regional locations, who house and rehome RSPCA cats, has played an important role in increasing our adult cat adoptions. 

Adopt from Foster Program

Through the Adopt from Foster program, our Community Outreach team aim to find permanent homes for the many RSPCA animals in foster care. Over 200 animals in foster care find permanent homes as a result of this program.

Kitty City at World for Pets Springwood

Our Community Outreach team are also responsible for our Kitty City at the RSPCA World for Pets store at Springwood, which aims to rehome slightly more introverted cats. Our adoption volunteers make great headway with confidence building and preparing these cats for their new home.  Kitty City opened at the end of 2014 and allowed the capacity to house and home a greater number of cats within the World for Pets store.

Community Activations

Our Community Activation Team (CAT) has been out in force again this year, bringing adoption animals to the people. Thanks to a passionate group of volunteers, CAT hosted and attended over 100 community activations. 

Sit, Drop, Shop

Run mainly by a team of dedicated volunteers, the RSPCA's retail concept stores are changing the face of traditional pet stores, finding homes for over 300 pets in the past year and utilising otherwise empty retail space.