Tours of the RSPCA Wacol Animals Care Campus are available to members of the public for an affordable fee, which goes directly to helping the animals in care. We offer an informative and relaxed tour that takes approximately 1 hour where you will see how we care for rescued animals. 

You will receive an overview and history of RSPCA, followed by the tour to our adoption areas, the wildlife and domestic animal hospitals, farmyard and other 'behind the scenes' areas of our campus - Express your interest here.

While on campus you may want to stop by our Black Cat Café, shop at World for Pets or find a bargain at our Op Shop, all proceeds go towards the support and care of the animals at RSPCA Queensland. 

Weekday Tours

Tours of the Animal Care Campus are available to groups during business hours for a base fee of $100.00 allowing up to 10 people participate. For groups greater than 10 a further fee of $5 per person allows us to have another guide available. 

Having a group size for campus tours of ten or less allows visitors to easily hear their tour leader and also move around the facility safely. With enough notice, groups may be broken up into two groups with two educators in place.

Please remember that there are Workplace Health and Safety Concerns when you visit an animal care facility and some centres are unable to offer tours on particular days. Tours may not include the Veterinary Services sections of the centre in order to prevent the spread of infections. Our first priority is to keep our animals, ourselves, and our community safe!

Weekend Tours

Tours of the Animal Care Campus are unavailable on weekends or public holidays.

Express you interest online or email our Education Team!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost per person? 
  • Minimum fee of $100.00 per group of up to 10 attendees, with an additional $5 per participant if you have a larger group. This money goes directly to assisting animals in our care.
  • Can any age attend?
  • Tours can be run for a minimum age of school age.
  • How many people are on each tour?
  • The maximum number per group is 10. This allows each member to hear the guide and to move easily through some of the smaller areas within the tour.
  • What do we see on the tour?
  • The tour covers the adoption areas, the wildlife and domestic animal hospitals, farmyard and other ‘behind the scenes’ areas of our campus.
  • Will we get to pat puppies and cuddle kittens?
  • As Wacol is a working shelter, we cannot guarantee access to all areas or which animals we may interact with. We always keep the welfare of our animal guests at the forefront of any interactions. There is generally no opportunity to interact that closely with those animals we encounter.
  • Is there much walking?
  • The tour covers a distance of somewhere near 400 metres, so each member will need to decide if this is within their physical capabilities.
  • Is the campus wheelchair and walker friendly?
  • We have wheelchair amenities and access to all areas is available to those who may have walkers or a wheelchair.
  • How long is the tour?
  • Each tour runs for approximately 60 minutes.
  • Is it always inside a building?
  • The tour has a small amount of time in the sun, between buildings and while at the farmyard, so wearing a hat or sunscreen is recommended.
  • Anything else I should wear or bring?
  • Closed in shoes are a must while within the campus.