Our school holiday programs are planned as a real life experience rather than an ‘add on’ to our working day. All participants in all programs will be doing what the amazing staff and volunteers do every day. They will assist with the jobs that need to be done. If it is patting puppies and cuddling kittens you are after, of course there is some of that, maybe these programs are not for you. If you want to work with, and learn about, animals then this is a great opportunity to do that.

Each day has a tour of the entire Wacol campus to meet some of those guests who may not be a part of your selected program. We will have breaks so make sure you bring something to eat, cold water is available across the campus so have a water bottle. You will need to have closed in shoes and a hat (sunscreen optional) to participate as we will be spending some time in the sun in all programs and we want to stay sun safe.

Single Animal Programs

See one-day program options to suit all areas of interest. 

Canine Carers (Ages 10 – 12 & 13 - 15)

Do you love dogs? Then this program is pawfect for you.  Start the day with the shelter team, nice and early, and attend the staff meeting and get the news and special needs of those dogs you will be working with and important messages around keeping everyone safe. 

Find out what your dog needs to be healthy and happy, and how you can create toys for our furry guests or for your pet to play with! Learn how to recognise how a dog is feeling, meet new dogs safely, including some of our doggos ready for adoption. 

Taking the dogs for a walk and time to socialise is an important part of each day and too much cleaning is never enough, the canine residents at the RSPCA will love you forever for your efforts.

Cost: $125.00 +gst
Location: RSPCA Animal Care Campus, 139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol

Wildlife Crusaders (Ages 10-15)

Discover what you need to do when taking care of native animals by joining the RSPCA’s ‘Wildlife Crusaders’ program. Spend time in the wildlife hospital as we investigate ways to protect these curious creatures. We will see mammals, birds and reptiles from the wild in the hospital and observe our talented wildlife vets triage and treat those who have been injured, feel unwell or have lost the parents. 

We will be helping in the recovery wards but won’t be in intimate contact as these precious patients need to have minimal interaction with humans so they can be safely returned to the wild once they recover. This doesn’t mean we won’t be actively involved in their care as there are plenty of things to do and see that are critical in getting these guys back to their natural habitat, including cleaning so be prepared. During the program we will interact with domestic reptiles that are very comfortable being handled and all participants will be fully supervised.

Part of the day may include snake feeding time and this does include the feeding of commercially euthanized and frozen rodents. If this is an issue with any young person wishing to participate an alternative activity can be offered. This is part of keeping a domestic snake and for those thinking they would like to adopt a snake it will be a necessary part of being a herpetoculturist. Please let us know when you book so we are aware.

Cost: $125.00 +gst 
Location: RSPCA Animal Care Campus, 139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol

Feline Friends (Ages 10 – 15)

If you love cats, this is what you have been searching for. Find out what your cat needs to be healthy, including some first aid tips. A contented cat is a happy cat so we will be making toys to enrich their lives.

Understanding how cats communicate with us will help make all our lives better. You will discover some amazing facts about clever cats, and work with some of our feline friends at the RSPCA. Of course we never get away with leaving their condos dirty.

Cost: $125.00 +gst 
Location: RSPCA Animal Care Campus, 139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol

Vet Nurse for a Day (Ages 12 – 17)

Interested in a career working with animals? Want to experience what it is like to care for the sick and injured animals at the RSPCA?  Vet Nurses in the making enjoy an insight into the world of Veterinary Services at the RSPCA Animal Care Campus in this exclusive RSPCA Qld school holiday program.

Young adults aged 12-17 learn basic first aid for pets, the nursing of hospitalised animals, pre and post care of surgical patients and observe surgery in our Veterinary Hospital.

Participants work closely with RSPCA Veterinary Nurses caring for our patients and are sure to gain a greater understanding of the day to day tasks in our working animal hospitals, leaving with many a story to tell.

Cost: $125.00 +gst 
Location: RSPCA Animal Care Campus, 139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol

To secure your place in our single animal programs, make a booking online by clicking here

Junior Crew

Our Junior Crew school holiday programs are currently on hold, we hope to once again offer the week long program in the future so please watch this space!

We offer 12 children, aged between 10 - 15 years, the opportunity to participate in a week-long school holiday program. Learn more about the RSPCA Junior Crew program.

This program offers time in each department within the RSPCA, not just animal care. Many children have a passion for animals and their welfare and the RSPCA Junior Crew Holiday Program will allow them to see the inner workings of what it takes to help over 54,000 animals each year. 

  • The course will be limited to 12 participants.This number allows us to provide supervision (2:6 as a minimum) and give everyone a great opportunity to be fully involved. 
  • All must be aged between 10 years and 15 years old. 
  • There will be a cost for participants of $450 (+gst) for the full week of activities. 
  • All participants will receive a printed RSPCA Junior Crew T-shirt and other RSPCA merchandise. All PPE will also be supplied.