RSPCA Queensland

  • Register your pet missing with the RSPCA Qld online at or over the phone on 3426 9999.
  • Search the RSPCA Qld lost and found website for found pets from the date your pet went missing or call 3426 9999 and our trained staff can search for you.
  • Continue to contact the RSPCA Qld daily or every second day to search our database for any reports of your pet.
  • Consider using the RSPCA Qld’s searching service, Pet-D-Tect to help you locate your animal.

Your Local Council

  • Contact your local and surrounding councils.
  • Councils run the pound facilities that collect and accept stray animals.
  • Consider going down to the pound in person as no one knows your pet better than you.
  • Continue to contact the council pound/s daily or every second day.

Animal Shelters and Vet Surgeries

  • Contact any local and surrounding animal shelters and vet surgeries.
  • Provide a thorough description and current photograph.

Microchip Company

  • Contact your microchip company and check your details are current. If not update immediately.