Fireworks and thunder can be very distressing and troublesome for your pets. To prevent them from running away keep them safe and calm indoors with you or on a tether that provides sufficient running space and access to food and water. You could also put them inside the laundry or toilet or in a suitable crate. A thundershirt for your dog or cat is also a great way of keeping them calm from anxiety in stressful situations. Brisbane City Council has an early warning service, which allows residents in the Brisbane City Council local government area to register for severe and urgent weather alerts via email, SMS or home phone.

In the event of a missing pet, make the process of finding them easier by having them registered, microchipped and have a pet ID attached to their collar. See the full list of collars available from the World for Pets website. When moving house make sure your details are up to date. This could make the difference to you being reunited with your loved one! For more information on pet ID methods see the Lost and Found section.

In the event of a disaster, evacuate as early as possible and don’t forget to take your pet with you! Remember if the weather isn’t safe for your family, it is also not safe for your pet. Take time to prepare a Disaster Pet Preparedness Plan – your pet’s life may depend on it. Ensure that you are always prepared and have an emergency evacuation plan in place. For more information on keeping your pet safe in a disaster see the Pets in Emergencies Action Guide.

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