Don't leave your pet in the car. Summer is fun, and you want to spend as much time with your pet in the great outdoors - but sometimes the safest thing for your furry friend is to be left at home with a bowl of fresh water and easy access to shade. If a pet is left in the car the windows down will not keep the car cool. Remember it doesn’t take long for the car to reach exceedingly high temperatures (up to 73 degrees celsius!) – so please remember Pets can Die in Hot Cars.

When your pet is in the car make sure they are secure, the car has sufficient ventilation and the windows are down slightly to allow for fresh air. For more information on travelling with your cat or dog see the RSPCA Knowledgebase. See the pros and cons of taking a pet on holiday with you.

Secure your mate! The backs of utes can get extremely hot and can lead to burnt paw pads, dehydration, heat stroke or even death. When dogs are travelling on the backs of utes ensure that they are appropriately restrained and have regular breaks to allow for a stretch and water. Remember to Secure Your Mate for a safe trip for all.