Little Angel, Yazzi and Hope got off to a bad start in life when they were found without their mother at just five weeks’ old. Brought in to the RSPCA Animal Hospital by an animal ambulance officer, they were given a vet check before going home with RSPCA foster carer Laurece Yzelman.

Laurece’s job for the next few weeks was to be their new mother until they were big enough to be desexed and go up for adoption. As their mum, Laurece made sure they were eating well and putting on weight.

Learning good manners and how to get along with others is also an important part of growing up, and the little trio learned these, too, from Laurece.

“Part of my job as a foster carer is to make sure that young animals are socialised with people and other animals,” Laurece said.

“Angel, Yazzi and Hope took to both with ease. They were very affectionate from the start and very easy to handle. And they got along well with my own cats.”

They also enjoyed plenty of playtime, chasing each other around Laurece’s veranda, which has been converted into a fully enclosed catmax. During nap time, they basked in the sun.

As Laurece watched her little charges grow, she ensured they stayed healthy with all of the essential preventive treatments provided by the RSPCA: their first vaccination at 600g and then every four weeks, flea prevention every month and worming every fortnight.

The day came when Angel, Yazzi and Hope had reached 1.1kg — the magic number that meant they were big enough to be desexed and be adopted. Laurece had to say goodbye to her three babies, but it was a joyous moment.

“I’ve been an RSPCA foster carer for over eight years and I’m just as passionate now as when I started helping unwanted and unloved animals to go on to a better life.”