“Let me tell you about Bebe, one of the dearest little dogs we have fostered.  We had lost one of our old dogs. It is always sad but our Aussie had lived a very full life and gave us great joy.  A few days later, we had a call from Cassie at the RSPCA who said she wondered if we were up to taking a little dog on so soon after Aussie, and told us about a little poodle that needed help. 

Bebe was brought into RSPCA care via the Inspectorate. She was in a bad way. She was malnourished, dehydrated, had matted hair, with a serious facial wound. She was distressed and in pain. 

“Bebe’s owner had tied a band around the little dog’s mouth which was so embedded it had to be surgically removed.  Her gums were bleeding when she was found and the area badly infected and smelly.”

“We went straight out to the shelter and there we met Bebe. What a sight she was. Very thin and her little snout was just a big scab. I felt quite sick to see her but she gave us such a lovely trusting look and of course, she crept straight onto my lap and that's where she stayed. So home she came.  She was very wary, as she had every right to be, and when I had to administer her meds and she would give a little cry because obviously her mouth was very sore but she allowed me to do what I had to do and responded well to treatment.  The infection area was an awful sight but she put up with me bathing it and seemed to know it would help.”

“Bebe had trouble eating the dry food so we softened it.  She wasn’t comfortable eating unless I stood with her and it was so sad to watch her struggle. One day I bought a very flat brisket bone and gave it to Bebe. She went flying through the dog door and tried to get her mouth around the bone. She chewed and chewed and had such fun with it.”

“Gradually her infection healed but the hair has never grown back on the worst areas and never will.  Bebe just gave us her love. I never cease to wonder about how animals do that. They trust again unconditionally. She took up her favourite position on my lap (as shown in the picture) if I was at home and on Carl’s if I wasn’t.”

“She loved to walk and each morning we went on a walk.  We had a few other foster dogs that walked with Bebe and I in the early mornings. There was Bruce the lovely Staffy, dear little Penny the Tibetan Spaniel and bouncing Bruno who is still with us.”

“Bebe has grown into the dearest little dog.  She loves to run, loves her walk, loves a bone and loves playing with the tassels on the end of the rug.  She watches me doing my exercises in the morning, plays and sleeps with Yogi and is so full of life which is really what we like to see.  She has many years ahead of her.”

Bebe’s owner was prosecuted by our RSPCA Inspectorate. Bebe’s owner pled guilty to one charge of Breach of Duty of Care and one charge of Animal Cruelty. No conviction was recorded. They were required to complete 200 hours of community service, pay court costs and prohibited from owning or possessing any animal for 2 years. 

“Bebe had been with us for months and of course, we had become quite attached to her. We have a friend who wanted to adopt Bebe from when she first visited and saw her.  Today is adoption day for Bebe and I am feeling quite sick. She has had a bath and looks beautiful, she has a new pink collar and I think she knows something is up because she is just curling up on my lap and following me wherever I go.”

“What we do know is that she has a very good home to go to and that really does help our sadness.  Bebe will always have a special place in our hearts. Our job is done and we are so happy Bebe has found her forever home.”

Bebe has since settled into her new home and enjoys the company of another canine playmate and cats.

Thank you to our dedicated foster carers like Judy and Carl. We couldn’t save so many animals without your love, care and devotion. Thank you to the community for your support. With your help we are able to help pets like Bebe find their second chance.

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