Long-term RSPCA guest, Karma, came into our care back in March as her owner could no longer keep her. Since then, she’s been on quite a journey with us before being adopted.

It didn’t take Karma long to come out of her shell and make lots of new friends at the Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus.

She had a bit of fun in front of the camera with our friends at Zoo Studio Photography to help promote State of Adoption. She also took a trip to the 4BC radio station with her RSPCA buddy Samson to help spread the word about RSPCA pets. Surprisingly they still had energy to play when they were back at the centre and kept everyone at the station amused!

Now Karma has found her second chance, and we couldn’t be happier.

Here’s an update from Karma’s mum:

“Karma is everything we wanted in a dog and she has settled quite nicely into our little family. She has adapted well to her new surroundings, she goes out on daily hour walks. We love her!” “It’s been wonderful having her as a companion when Cyril is at work and if I have her outside while I'm doing housework or cooking (otherwise she is stuck to my hip), she would now and again stand on her back legs and put her paws on the outside bench that's leveled with our kitchen window so she can peer in and see what I'm doing. She has her favourite spot in the lounge and when we have settled down for the evening to watch TV she is at our feet curled up in her favourite spot.”

“Karma is a fast learner I must say, she is also very clever....she knows exactly when meal times are. LOL! I love it when she greets us at the door she does a little leap like a gazelle with her tail wagging like crazy. Family members have also come over to visit her and she was very happy to see them… it made us feel very proud of how well behaved she was, she sat and lay down when commanded without treats, but we rewarded her with lots of hugs she loved it.”

“Cheers from us and a WOOF WOOF from Karma!”