At the RSPCA, we rehome all types of domestic animals, such as Potato, a Chinese Silky Bantam.

Potato was surrendered to us because he had started crowing and his owner’s council regulations did not permit roosters.

Luckily, new owner Gisele lives on acreage and a rooster is not a problem in her council area.

“We live on just under two acres, so Potato is having an awesome life!” Gisele said.

“He has a pen, but is free to roam during the day.

“He really enjoys strutting his stuff, particularly for his little harem of brown chooks and some ducks.”

Gisele has since adopted a turkey, Wiley, and is hoping to add another duck to her farmyard.

“I’ve been involved in a rescue group for several years, so my decision to adopt rather than buy was pretty easy.”