Tipsy's owners, Barbara and David recently told us how well Tipsy has adjusted well to his new life and is getting along with three other cats. 

"We only have to watch him grow and enjoy him" said his owners who adopted him once he was back to health. 

Tipsy was found outside an old tyre shop 70km West of Brisbane. Convulsing and in a hypothermic state, Tipsy was brought to the RSPCA where vet Sarah Kanthar had to think quickly. 

Facing acute renal failure and an ultrasound later revealing damage to the one year old's kidney, Dr Kanthar concluded that these types of symptoms was probably caused by ingesting antifreeze. Giving Tipsy less than an hour to live, RSPCA's vet Sarah Kanthar and vet nurse Dylan Gerard used a drip and diluted vodka to allow the antifreeze to pass through Tipsy's system in a less toxic form. 

Vodka had actually saved Tipsy's life.