William a 14 week old puppy was rescued when a tip off about a stray, skinny and mangy puppy, was reported to the RSPCA. RSPCA Inspector Jane Markotsis rescued William that day and rushed him to our Animal Emergency Hospital.

Head Vet, Anne Chester triaged little William and noted he had severe generalised demodectic mange – his little body covered from head to tail in hair loss, moist dermatitis with exposed skin and pustules. He was given treatments for his wounds, pain relief, given a medicated bath, and fed a nutritious meal.

William required ongoing treatment, medicated baths, nutrition and care for a few weeks. He was a perfect candidate for our BARK Foster Program. Bars and Rehabilitating K9s (BARK) program places dogs with special care needs with trained inmates in a correctional facility. Specially trained inmates learn about animal care and providing for their animal. In a pioneering program, both the inmates and the animals are ‘rescued’ and learn the importance of unconditional love. 

William’s life was changed. He made a full recovery thanks to your support, and the efforts of our dedicated staff, volunteers and prison foster carers. His skin healed, his fur grew back and his lonely little heart was healed. 

Not only was William’s life changed for the better, but all those who met him were touched by this little puppy’s resilience and unconditional love in the face of such pain and misery. William found his forever home with a lovely family, where his new sister was also an RSPCA adopt-a-pet. He now lives a full and happy life with his new family.

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The Bars and Rehabilitating K9s (BARK) program is a perfect example of one of the life-saving programs RSPCA QLD has pioneered in Australia. This heart-warming and life changing program rewards well behaved inmates with a purpose and responsibility, which aides in their rehabilitation. Not only do the people become enlightened and benefit from this program, but special animals that need that little bit longer to recover have a Foster Home where they are well cared for, and monitored around the clock.

William’s second chance at life was only possible because of generous gifts from people like you. 

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