Did you love attending Baby Puppy School? Now your puppy is growing up it is vitally important that they continue learning the behaviors you want in your family dog!

If you are a happy Baby Puppy School graduate from RSPCA or other puppy classes and are keen to take your training further forward, Intermediate Puppy (Level 2) takes up where Baby Puppy School left off – you will build on the skills you have already learned and will learn a whole lot more!

Puppies of this age are entering a phase where they can easily become concerned by new things, so it is very important that all those everyday things your puppy will encounter now they are fully vaccinated and out and about, are introduced in a safe and supportive environment.

Because puppies are now vaccinated we can hold Intermediate Puppy (Level 2) outside to help them get used to noises and other distractions as they become more proficient at the basic behaviours such as "sit", "down", "go to your bed" and the all-important recall, polite leash walking, and stay.