The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to improve the welfare of all animals and prevent cruelty. We are an active participant in national and state-based RSPCA campaigns to improve animal welfare in Queensland and throughout Australia.

Our campaigns are based on the principles enshrined in the Five Freedoms, and are designed to raise public awareness about important animal welfare issues. We also aim to keep pressure on the people who have the power to make positive change.

Community support is vital to ensure the success of our campaigns. Please read on for a few simple ways you can join us in preventing cruelty to animals;

1. Choose Wisely. By buying eggs, chicken and pork that have been produced humanely, and choosing to eat at cafes and restaurants that do the same, you can make a difference to farm animal welfare. Check out our Choose Wisely website to find an ethical place to eat near you.

2. Set a Sister Free. Help to end the Battery Cage! Find out more.

3. Make Over the World. Tell major cosmetic brands to stop testing on animals today. Find out more.

4. Desex your pet. Uncontrolled breeding and overpopulation ultimately leads to the euthanasia of fit and healthy unwanted animals every year. Please ensure you do your bit and desex your pet, and keep an eye out for our desexing campaign, Operation: Wanted, which occurs each year.

5. Respond to calls for action. Whether it be a push to end live export, or awareness around ways to minimise our impact on native wildlife, we rely on you to do the right thing, help us spread the word and advocate for animals.