Companion animals are those animals we bring into our homes, lives and hearts.

With 62% of Australian households incorporating a pet in to the family, companion animals are more prevalent than ever before. From farms to inner city apartments, companion animals are a part of Australian life. Issues range from breeding and supply to daily care - making companion animal welfare an important topic.

Desex your pet

RSPCA Qld supports mandatory desexing for companion animals at point of sale. Unwanted companion pet overpopulation is at an all time high. Sadly thousands of companion pets are euthanised each year. Find out more.

Ensure your pet is microchipped

Part of responsible pet ownership is making sure your furry friends can be swiftly identified if they ever go missing and find themselves at the RSPCA, council pound or with a member of the public. Please note that microchipping is mandatory in Queensland. Find out more.

Puppy Factories

The desire for “designer dogs” is on the increase. In response to this demand mass production facilities, known as “puppy factories”, are on the rise.

Puppy factories are inhumane and unacceptable. They operate to produce puppies for profit, with little or no consideration given to the welfare of the animals. RSPCA is strongly opposed to puppy factories, and believes these operations should be closed.

Dogs die in hot cars

Each year, the RSPCA receives hundreds of distress calls about animals (usually dogs) being left in cars in the heat.

Summer can be a dangerous and unforgiving time of year for dogs, especially when left inside a hot car. Every year RSPCA hears of countless animals who die in cars while theirs owners shop, chat, run errands or other meaningless things compared with the life of their pet.

The temperature inside a closed vehicle left in the sun can double within 12 minutes. Inside the vehicle it can reach around 73°C, but sadly the dog may be dead by the time the temperature reaches 55°C. The animal will suffer horribly in its last minutes.

Leaving an animal without appropriate water and shelter is an offence. Find out more.

Secure your mate: dogs in utes

Thousands of dogs are injured each year in Queensland while travelling in the back of utes. Your mate could be hung, hit, hurt or over-heat on the back of a ute. Give your best mate a safe ride and consider the safest way to travel with your pet. Find out more.

Breed specific legislation

BSL is viewed as one solution to preventing future attacks or dog bite incidents, or at least reducing their incidence.

The breeds banned are regarded as high risk breeds or breeds that have been bred specifically to enhance aggressive behaviours. Find out more.