Nominate a trusted carer, be it friend or family member, close to you and we'll be there to help them so you can take care of yourself. 

RSPCA Qld understands our pets are our family and at times it can be hard to be without them. Have peace of mind that your beloved companion is being cared for by someone you trust. RSPCA Qld will support your nominated carer with services such as:

  • Food and essential pet items while the pet is under the guardianship program
  • A complete health check up for your pet
  • Free parasite control while the pet is under the guardianship program
  • Free desexing of the pet*  
  • Free behavioural support for your pet

* Subject to location availability


How much does the program cost? 
The program is free to qualifying candidates who hold a valid concession card. Should your circumstances fall outside these parameters please contact the team who will assess your case. 

Program Locations
This program is only available to Brisbane and Townsville residents however RSPCA Qld is working hard to deliver this program across the state. Should you live outside the catchment area, please send us an enquiry. 

How do I register?
To register, just complete the Emergency Guardianship Registration Form