RSPCA Qld believes people and pets are better together, it is our goal to support pet owners, property managers and agents in working towards a more pet inclusive housing market. Changing perceptions through education to bring confidence to all parties.

Positive Pet Tenant Program

Our Positive Pet Tenant Program helps pet owners put their pets best paw forward when applying for a rental tenancy. Our program will ensure that pet owners are well equipped to confidently support their pet to be a valued tenant. On completion of our program, you will receive an RSPCA certificate of completion and a custom built pet resume. The program may also include:

  • Behaviour support and advice
  • Access to other outreach services including free or reduced desexing and microchipping.


How much does the program cost?
The program is free for pet owners who hold a valid concession card. Pet owners who do not have a concession card may be required to pay a small fee for veterinary services such as desexing, vaccinations, microchips or other.

Program Locations
This program is only available to Brisbane residents however RSPCA Qld is working hard to deliver this program across the state. Should you live outside the catchment area, please submit a registration form and we will be in touch with you directly.

How do I register?
To register, please complete the following online registration form

Managing Pet Tenant Program

Property Managers and Landlords are invited to register for a free information session about renting to pet owners. RSPCA will provide you with an interactive session about common pet challenges to enable confidence and real solutions regarding property management and pets.

Our workshops can include information about:

  • How to asses an application with confidence
  • Referral process for potential tenants with pets to our Positive Pet Tenant Program
  • Common pet complaints (e.g. destructive behaviour, nuisance behaviour)

Register for a workshop specific to your needs today