RSPCA Qld is passionate in our cause and while many landmarks have been met for animal welfare since the organisations establishment, there are many more that need to be met. In which case, at all levels (individually, community-based, government-based and Australia wide), we need to acknowledge the need for better support and the continued restoration of animals and their habitats.

Our areas of focus in wildlife preservation:

  • RSPCA Qld is devoted in our ambition to protect the animals of Australia for generations to come. Through this, RSPCA recognises human activities, such as land clearing, urban or industrial developments, agricultural activities and transport, have the potential to have a negative impact on wild animals in many different ways, both directly and indirectly. In which case, people have a duty to ensure that activities conducted are done so in a way that causes as little injury, suffering or distress to animals and their habitats as possible.
  • RSPCA supports the use of independent environmental impact assessments to determine the potential of any significant new development or activities to adversely impact on the welfare of wild animals, threaten the continued survival of a species, or significantly alter existing ecosystems.
  • Where development projects identify threats to the welfare of wild animals, conditions must be placed on the development to mitigate these threats. The RSPCA believes that in circumstances where mitigation of these threats is not possible or reasonable, the development should not go ahead.
  • Consideration of wild animal welfare requires finding a balance between maintaining the viability of an ecosystem and protecting the welfare of individual animals. RSPCA aims to ensure that harmful development causes as little suffering to animals or negative consequences for the viability of a given population as possible.

These areas, if met, will greatly change the outlook of many of the wildlife of Queensland and Australia. These small acts can mean a better future and a more stable environment for everyone.

What has the 1300 ANIMAL program done for wildlife preservation?

Before the establishment of 1300 ANIMAL and Wildlife Rescue support, close to two million animals would die on Queensland roads every year. Since its establishment, RSPCA now care for over 26,000 wildlife patients and have facilitated the rescue of over 29,845 animals state-wide that the public had reported to 1300 ANIMAL as sick, injured, or abandoned.

As more and more volunteers sign up for Wildlife Heroes to support the RSPCA, the amount of animals being rescued and cared for in Queensland has significantly grown. As the state of care being provided to our Wildlife is improving, so is the community awareness and support being generated for RSPCA. If you think you have what it takes to be a Wildlife Hero, then read more about the volunteer program here.