Dr Andrew Tribe has worked with wildlife for the past 35 years, particularly in the areas of management, welfare and rehabilitation. For 24 years he was Senior Lecturer in Wildlife at the University of Queensland and is internationally recognised for his research and teaching in wildlife welfare, behaviour and management.

He has had extensive experience working with captive wildlife and is recognised as an authority on zoos. Dr Tribe was the Senior Veterinarian at Melbourne Zoo from 1985 to 1991, and has recently undertaken research looking at their opportunities, and challenges for the future.

Since 1994, Andrew has also led wildlife tours to Africa. These tours are designed to both observe African wildlife in its natural setting, and to give the tour group an insight into their behaviour, management, and conservation.

From 2016, Andrew has been Wildlife Manager for the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre near Grandchester in south east Queensland.  This facility will be run in conjunction with the University of Queensland to support conservation initiatives through teaching and research.