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Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Oct 15, 2021
Everyday RSPCA foster carers are providing short-term stays at their homes for over 700 animals across Queensland and the number of animals needing help continues to grow.

Plenty of animals at the RSPCA currently need your help and love. Our medium to large sized dogs are looking for special foster carers with secure fences and without other pets in the household. Can you help?

Our adult cats are always on the lookout for their furrever homes too.

Animals that are in recovery from certain injuries and medical conditions are also available to foster. If you have the capacity to be a unicorn foster and help those in need, click here to find out more.

It may be difficult to predict what types of animals at the RSPCA need to spend time in a foster home, but there are always adorable pets needing time away from the shelter that you can help! Our biggest need at the moment is for carers who can foster medium to large sized adult dogs, who have 5-6ft fences, without young children and without other pets in the home. These pets just need your adoration!

Kitten season can be unpredictable, but you can still sign up to foster kittens if some do require foster care over the coming months. Apply to become a Foster Carer Here

Foster carers are amazing individuals who dedicate their time to caring for those who need it most. You too can help foster a pet and enjoy the rewarding experience of seeing animals who came from a tough past, learn to love, and trust again.

Here are just some of the beautiful animals waiting to call your home their foster home. All animals in foster care have their food, bedding, toys and veterinary appointments covered by the RSPCA.

Beautiful Quinnie is recovering from cruciate surgery. She’s a youngster at a year and a half years old. She’s looking for a quiet home where she’ll have crate rest, short walks and medication while she recovers.


Little Macie came into care via our RSPCA Animal Ambulance as a stray cat. She was paralysed with tick paralysis. She is 6 years and 8 months old, but still as cute as a little kitten! Because she is recovering from tick paralysis, she is looking for a calm home life.

If you want to foster animals in need sign up today!

Little Macie came into our care via our RSPCA Animal Ambulance

Sophie Oxford
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