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Join us this May to walk and fundraise and you’ll be making incredible transformations like Lilly’s possible.

Lilly the beautiful Bull Arab cross was down on her luck when Inspector Helen showed up on her doorstep.

Working with Lilly’s former owners, Inspector Helen advised the urgency of Lilly needing to be treated by a vet. Lilly’s former owners took on Inspector Helen’s advice but found it would be too expensive to treat Lilly, so decided to surrender her to the RSPCA.

photo of Lilly at intake

This is where your support of our work helps make miracles possible.

You can be a hero to dogs like Lily by walking and fundraising on May 26 at RSPCA Million Paws Walk.

Inspector Helen brought Lilly into RSPCA care for urgent veterinary treatment.

photo of Lilly at intake

This poor girl had a painful wound on her hind that needed treatment and her body condition was shocking. Every rib, her hips, and skull protruded from under her skin. She was in a terrible state.

painful sores on Lilly's hind

Weighing in at a tiny 18kg, Lilly’s ideal weight for her breed should have been double this!

Lilly during intake

Our RSPCA veterinary team went to work to save Lilly and discovered that she also had tapeworm and a Urinary Tract Infection. This poor girl had so much going on.

Despite everything, every day adorable Lilly melted hearts with staff and volunteers at the RSPCA. Her gentle nature was shining through during her recovery and her adorable goof-ball antics were well and truly on display.

Lilly starts to recover

While Lilly was placed on a feeding plan and receiving veterinary care for her many ailments, she got to spend time in one of the RSPCA offices. Every day when she was walked from her kennel into the office she would zoom around the place with glee; often showing off a treat in her mouth for all to see!

Because of caring animal lovers like you, Lilly went on to make a full recovery and is now a much healthier 35kg!

Now a full year since Lilly was adopted by an incredible family, Lilly has formed an unbreakable bond with her two young human siblings and doggy brother.

Her new family says, "Lilly has been absolutely amazing and settled in so quickly. She is well and truly a part of the family and the kids absolutely love her!"

"She's been so soft and gentle when playing with our two-year-old daughter. The two of them have an inseparable bond."

Lilly’s transformation is just one of the thousands of incredible stories made possible thanks to people like you that walk and fundraise for Million Paws Walk.

This year we’re celebrating 30 years of Million Paws Walk.

We’d love to see you out in support, walking at your local RSPCA event or fundraising in your own way to help dogs like Lilly get their happily ever after.

On Sunday May 26, please walk with us and thousands of passionate supporters celebrate 30 years of Million Paws Walk and help end animal cruelty and neglect!

You can find your local RSPCA Million Paws Walk here and start fundraising today.

Emma Lagoon
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