Bets for Betty: Place a winning bet this Melbourne Cup day

Rescue Posted May 19, 2021
RSPCA Queensland is encouraging punters to place a bet that is guaranteed to win this Melbourne Cup Day on Betty the rescue horse.

Like all racehorses, Betty was bred to provide entertainment and money for humans. However, after sustaining critical injuries, she was deemed ‘useless’ and was quickly forgotten.

Following a call to 1300 ANIMAL earlier this year, RSPCA Queensland Inspectors visited Betty’s premises to investigate and found her in urgent need of veterinary care.

The six-year-old thoroughbred presented an infected wound on her right hind dorsal hock, a severe hoof and distal limb injury (causing extreme pain and lameness) and older injuries to her left foreleg.

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Rhiannon Smith said the ‘Bets for Betty’ fundraising initiative was a clever way for punters to guarantee a win, with all money going directly towards the care and upkeep of Betty and other rescue horses in RSPCA’s care.

“By donating to Betty, you are ensuring every cent goes towards a worthwhile cause,” she said.

“Some of Betty’s injuries were left untreated for so long that she required extensive medical treatment and a specialised farrier – which is extremely costly. 

“Each year, Australians blow more than $140 million on the Melbourne Cup. This expenditure, alone, could support 12,000 resuce horses in RSPCA’s care, just like Betty, for one year.

“By backing Betty, you’ll be taking a stand against the mistreatment of horses and you will be safeguarding the future of these beautiful animals, so let’s celebrate with kindness this Cup Day!”

RSPCA Queensland has attended more than 2,500 horse related calls in the past 12 months and currently has four horses in foster care. In November alone, horse related animal welfare needs will cost in excess of $26,000.

For those who would like to support Betty, her foal and other horses in RSPCA Queensland’s care, place your bet on Betty, donate now or create your own fundraiser for RSPCA horses this racing season.

Rhiannon Smith
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