Over 100 Bull Terriers Rescued

Animal Welfare Rescue RSPCA Inspectors Posted May 19, 2021
View the timeline of how a cruelty complaint for five dogs, turned into a seizure process lasting over a gruelling 15 hours for RSPCA Inspectors

Inspectors recently raided a property north west of Gladstone and seized 110 Bull Terrier dogs and puppies. They were following up on a complaint received in relation to five dogs but found another 105 living in deplorable conditions.

“The conditions were appalling,” said RSPCA Qld Chief Inspector Daniel Young. “Many were in small cages with no enrichment and the newspaper they were lying on was soaked in urine.”

Bull Terrier in poor living conditions

Some of the dogs are now being cared for in Rockhampton and Bundaberg while the others are receiving care at the Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus. To adopt a Bull Terrier, keep an eye on the RSPCA website for dogs available to adopt.

We have more FAQs about this case in our blog here to read in depth extra factual information. Read what Bull Terrier Rescue Australia Inc. had to say after their visit to meet the Bull Terriers from the raid below.

The following timeline shows how a cruelty complaint for five dogs, turned into a seizure process lasting over a gruelling 15 hours for RSPCA Inspectors.

Wednesday 28th November, 2018

10:50am - local Inspector attended address in relation to a complaint regarding welfare concerns for approximately 5 dogs. Shortly afterwards the Inspector establishes there is in fact 110 purebred Bull Terriers confined to the property.

11:30am – local Inspector contacts the Chief Inspector requesting that all dogs located at the property be seized due to inappropriate living conditions. Photos and video footage are reviewed resulting in the approval to seize all dogs.

1:00pm – a team is coordinated from Brisbane consisting of 7 Inspectors including the Area Inspector who is still onsite, 2 staff and 1 volunteer. 

2:30pm – a convoy of trailers and vehicles loaded with crates and all equipment necessary to seize 110 dogs leaves Brisbane for the 7hr trip. Trip is delayed due to roadworks and road closures due to local fires.

10:30pm – majority of the team arrives in Bundaberg for some much needed rest after a 14.5hr shift. Chief Inspector continues on to the location to relieve local Inspector and the Rockhampton Inspector who drove 1.5hrs to assist.

11:30pm – Chief Inspector arrives at the location and is escorted around the premises. A large number of dogs were observed via torchlight living in small crates, dirt and concrete pens. One dog caught the attention of the Chief Inspector as it could not stand without her head touching the roof of her crate, then a dog adjacent to her had its tail sticking out the top of its crate.

11:50pm – all dogs are seized to the address and the first day of the operation is finally wrapped up - remaining Inspectors leave for some much needed rest after a 16hr shift.

Bull Terrier Puppies before RSPCA Inspectors rescued them

Thursday 29th November, 2018

6:00am – Inspectors, staff and volunteer depart Bundaberg heading north to location.

7:30am – Chief Inspector arrives at address and takes up with POI.

8:30am – remaining Inspectors arrive and begin the process of documenting all animals and loading them into air-conditioning vehicles. The heat is already present!

10:30am – first load of dogs leave North for Rockhampton 1.5hrs away. Remaining staff stay behind and continue to process animals.

12:00pm – second load of dogs leaves for Dakabin 5hrs away. Remaining staff continue to work in excessively hot conditions.

2:00pm – staff return from Rockhampton ready to load more animals after a 4hr round trip.

2:15pm – majority of staff and dogs leave for Brisbane 7hrs away. 

4:30pm – remaining dogs are loaded and head for Bundaberg over 2hrs away where staff have stayed back to assist with unloading of dogs and ensuring they are made comfortable for the night.

2:00am – last of the vehicles are parked at the Wacol campus. All staff and dogs accounted for and ready for some well-deserved rest.

Bull Terrier arriving at RSPCA Queensland after rescue

Bull Terrier enjoying cuddles from RSPCA Queensland Staff Member

As you can imagine, it’s no easy job being an RSPCA Inspector. It is vital that members of the public continue to help to be the eyes and ears for our Inspectorate in the community by reporting animal welfare concerns so dogs in these situations can be rescued.

If you have concerns for an animal’s welfare contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline – 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Emma Lagoon
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