Desexing saves lives

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Jun 1, 2021
Giving birth at 1am in a comfortable foster home might not have been a reality for little Muffin here. Found with her ‘boyfriend’ wandering the streets, no one came forward to reclaim them.

Both of these poor little dogs were unkempt and lost, but luckily found a safe haven at the RSPCA and given the care they needed.

Placed carefully into a foster home to calm her nerves, Muffin gave birth to four bundles of fluff. But sadly, one puppy didn’t make it.

puppy being born


Oh how different their lives would have been if Muffin and her ‘boyfriend’ had been desexed!

While puppies and kittens are adorable, having an unexpected litter can be time consuming and costly. Prevention is always better and helps ensure that no animal ends up homeless like Muffin and her pups.

mother and pups

You can help prevent unplanned pregnancies and curb pet overpopulation. Visit Operation Wanted to register for discounted cat and dog desexing until August 31! 

Now in its seventh year, our discounted desexing campaign is possible thanks to 144 participating vets and councils throughout Queensland.

We’re pleased to say that Muffin, her ‘boyfriend’, and her three surviving pups have all gone on to find loving homes and are all now desexed!

Don’t be fooled by common desexing myths either… desexing your pet can have many health benefits! Read more here

You can help ensure no animal is homeless, share the word about Operation Wanted!

Emma Lagoon
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