Dogs and Utes

Pet Care Posted May 19, 2021
The RSPCA warns that dog owners can face stiff fines and possible imprisonment under the Animal Care and Protection Act (2001)

There is no doubt that the humble ute is an Aussie icon, but every year numerous dogs are either injured when they fall off the trays or suffer from heat stress after being left on trays with no shade.

“Hundreds of dogs are injured simply because they were not tethered properly in the first place,” said RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty. 

“Anything can happen to an unrestrained dog. They can take fright, the ute may have to swerve suddenly to avoid a collision or slam on the brakes for the same reason. An unrestrained dog or incorrectly restrained dog simply has no chance. The dangers are even greater in the city where they can be thrown into and under oncoming traffic. It only takes a few extra minutes to do the right thing.”
The RSPCA also warns owners not to leave dogs on the back of utes with no protection from the sun and ensure that there is matting, preferably rubber, for them to lie on. Find out more about securing your pet while travelling in utes and trays. 

“Our Inspectors and ambulance offers have seen dogs on the back of utes left outside shopping centres in the full sun with no shade whatsoever,” continued Mr Beatty. 

“The metal on the ute tray becomes like a hot plate and we’ve come across animals whose paw pads have been blistered and dogs are suffering from severe heat stress.”

Michael Beatty
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